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Julie S. Mantis
JSM Consulting

Julie Mantis is the president of JSM Consulting, a consulting practice specializing in the development and growth of sales and support organizations.

Julie is an expert in all aspects of sales and sales organizational development. Julie is the former vice president of sales at a leading internet service provider, EarthLink, Inc. where she spent 8 years. Entering EarthLink, Inc. at its early stages of growth, Mantis was able to call on her already extensive 12-year experience in building and growing start up companies. During her years at EarthLink, Inc. she directly managed all aspects of the company's sales activities including: inbound and outbound sales call centers, on-lines sales units, partnership account management, major account sales, outsource relationships and back-office support functions.

During her tenure at EarthLink she developed and grew several new sales units including; restructuring dial up sales, building a business-to-business sales unit, developing a broadband sales call center and channel sales unit and building a major account program. She actively participated in the integration of the Sprint partnership with EarthLink as well as the merger with Mindspring. She also created a sales support organization that focused on such support areas as: training, quality, systems, reporting, internal communications, and outsource relationships.

Previous to joining EarthLink, Mantis spent 12 years at a large government reseller, Government Technology Services Inc (GTSI), a leading reseller of computer products to the federal government. In this position, Mantis directed more than 200 sales professionals in national and international branch locations. She worked extensively with product marketing and vendor relationships to drive successful sales programs as she directed the sales of over 40,000 products with leading partners such as Sun Micro Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Apple and IBM. As the eighth employee, Mantis was instrumental in the development and growth of the sales organization, including integrating the sales function after the acquisition of Falcon Systems, Inc.

Mantis brings more than 20 years experience of sales and management expertise in the high-tech industry. She has worked closely with such companies as Sprint, Discover, West Corporation, American Express, Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and IBM.

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